Every penny from the festival supports Tubman House, a community that provides 18 months of housing and support so that Sacramento’s homeless, parenting youth and their children can get busy living rather than surviving.  The entire festival is planned and staffed by volunteers so that Tubman can garner maximum support.

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What We Do: At Tubman, young parents experience a holistic program centered on youth development, the strengthening of physical and mental health, educational attainment, career development, and financial management so that so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives and leaders in the lives of their children and community. Children experience stability and blossom in a nurturing home with an on site child development program. In exchange for housing and support, Tubman residents lead Youth Corps, developing leadership and spearheading projects to build up their neighborhoods, schools, and natural spaces. Youth Corps reconnects youth to their community as leaders.

What We Believe: Tubman is fierce in its belief that ALL youth need environments that encourage, and ALL youth need support in transitioning into adulthood. Having these needs does not mean a youth is troubled- it means a youth is alone. When given the same supports most youth take for granted, our residents choose college degrees, secure housing, and meaningful careers. They choose not to make ends meet, but to thrive. We also believe that supporting young parents is complex work. A job and diploma does not resolve poverty- a healthy mind and body, a strong spirit, a reliable support network, a strong parent and child bond, the clearing of debt, atonement for mistakes, and freedom from abuse and addiction are all pieces of the puzzle.

What We’ve Done: Since 2003, Tubman House has served over 140 homeless parents or pregnant women between the ages of 18 and 21, and their children. Our residents and their children suffer the physiological and mental repercussions of chronic stress and childhood poverty. Their wellness has been compromised by poor diet, lack of access to health care, and unhealthy habits for coping. Nearly all suffer situational depression. Despite this, 91% of Tubman’s clients secure stable housing; 73% attend college; 80% access mental health counseling; 50% work and attend college; and 80% clear all debts. All commit 6 hours a week to leadership through service learning. Since 2003, residents have led over 30 projects that include renovating a refugee family’s home, creating a documentary on youth homelessness, planting community gardens, raising funds to place a stone on the grave of one resident’s father, volunteering in local shelters, mentoring juvenile offenders, assisting at the Special Olympics, and leading weekly crafts for elders with dementia.

Our Agency: Tubman is a program of Waking the Village, a nonprofit founded in 1999. WTV leads many programs: Tubman House serves young parents overcoming homelessness. Audre's Emporium of New Tomorrows serves LGBTQ+ individuals and parents overcoming homelessness that are between the ages of 18 and 24 in two shared living communities. The Doorway serves 12 families overcoming homelessness. Parents are between 18 and 24 and and live in scattered site apartments while working toward employment. The Creation District leads arts and leadership training for all our programs and the community. The Creation District is grounded in the pursuit of social justice for the clients we serve. Art Beast Children’s Studio is an art studio for children under 7. Art Beast offers arts themed play space to all children and job opportunities to Tubman residents, while generating revenue to support Tubman. Art Beast Child Development Center is a high quality, licensed, play based child development center for our clients and the general Sacramento community.